Referral Scheme

If you love what we do and you tell your friends
You'll be handsomely rewarded

Earn some cash
or help finance our work on your business

Our clients love what we do, they often refer us to other potential clients, we benefit from that, so we decided that our clients should benefit too. We created the RedRaptor referral scheme. There are 2 options, cash or credit. Quite simply, if your referral earns us money, we'll give you 10% of it in cash or you can have 20% of it in credit against your own invoice from us.

  You Referred Company
Your profit increases by £10,000 £15,000
Our Fee (Playbook & Implementation) £2,500 £3,750
Discount accrued or... £750  
Alternatively Cash Earned £375  

We have standard terms that apply to this offer, for instance, your discount or cash is only valid once our invoice has been paid.
We'll provide you with a document outlining our terms once the process gets started.

Word of mouth is the best advertising

We're dedicated to helping business become stronger and more resilient and one of the best ways to do that is by increasing cashflow. Thats our business model, our referral scheme helps you increase your cashflow even more by getting a discount on your invoice from us and also helping out your friends in business.

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