Digital Automation

How to save time and money for your business

Digital Automation

Throughout history we have seen more and more forms of automation. The term “automation” was coined in the 1940s by General Electric however the earliest instance of an automated process was much, much earlier in history. In 1745 Edmund Lee created a system that realigned the fantails on windmills without the need for human input. This is histories first recorded example of automation.
As time went on more and more examples of automation appear and in doing so have significantly improved the way businesses and in some cases, our way of life. Some of the early examples include the centrifugal governor which automatically adjusted the gap between millstones in 1785 which was then adopted to work in Steam engines.
More recently we have seen a dramatic shift in mass production on factory floors from manual production to assembly lines to having robots creating the products.
These trends have continued into the digital age and there is very little that RedRaptor can’t automate.

Here are some cases of digital automation we can help with

Storing Client Records

There are many ways to store your client’s data; the most efficient is to use a Customer Relationship Manager System (a CRM). They are currently hundreds of CRM systems in the market however our clients tend to find that there isn’t one that is tailored to their needs.

CRM’s are great however you might need a particular set of features to help your business and there is no one CRM that has everything you need. One system might have a couple of features and another may have the rest of the ones you need but having to pay for two pieces of software is a waste of money.

That's why our clients to come to RedRaptor. They ask us to build a bespoke CRM with all the features they need. The benefit to our client is huge. They get a system that helps move their business forward with all the required features and they only have to pay once.


Staff and client scheduling can be a headache. Inefficient processing can mean that you spend a lot longer than necessary getting your planning in order.

Instead of taking several hours, planning ahead should take only a few minutes each week.

We can help you cut out the wasted hours by providing a tool that does your scheduling for you. All you need to do is set up the system once, which we will even help you out with, and every week you only need to push a few buttons to plan as far ahead in the future as you want.

Not only do you save valuable time, with can then be reinvested into moving the company forward, but we can help you reduce mistakes in your scheduling. On top of this our planning system gives you a clean and simple planner overview so you can easily identify quiet periods giving you the chance to market these available slots to potential clients.

Mobile Optimisation

In 2015 everything is mobile and we can help your company become mobile too.

We can make your company accessible to you regardless of where you are in the world. Our systems allow you to put down your work at the office and pick it up on the move. Our clients find this particularly useful when attending meetings as they don’t need to carry a bunch of paperwork or even a laptop, all they need is a smart phone or a tablet.

The other advantage being optimised for mobile is that it makes the company more accessible for your clients. Our clients find that having an app where clients can access their accounts and bookings increases both sales and customer satisfaction.

If you can make it as easy as possible for you clients to hire you then it can only be a good thing.

We can also make staff management simpler via mobile solutions too. We can create a tracking system so that you always know where your staff are and that they can check in and out of jobs with. This gives you a real time record of what is happening out in the field and help you stop delays or issues before they happen.

This allows you to speak to clients in advance and by giving you staff digital job sheets and time sheets you can seriously cut down on the paper you use.

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