Business Consultancy

Our guarantee: an extra £10,000 per year,
or we wont charge you a penny

Dont leave money on the table...

We want to see business succeed and we hate seeing them using inefficient processing which is why we started consulting. We have a wealth of experience through working with some of the biggest names in the UK and we want to apply what we've learned to your business.

Through our time we've seen that even the smallest of changes can have a huge difference to your revenue streams. Each business is different and while many face the same problems we don’t offer a one size fits all solution. All our ideas and improvements are tailored to your business. These are identified by spending time getting to know you and your business.

We're so confident, that if we cant make your business at least an extra £10,000 per year, we will give you our playbook at no charge. Considering that we only charge you when we make your business money anyway, thats a damn good deal.

Does your business deal with any of the following problems?

  • Drowning in paperwork
  • Inefficient repetitive tasks
  • High staff turnover
  • Poor customer satisfaction
  • Scheduling Issues
  • High revenue, low profit
  • Staff lacking customer service skills

These are common pain points that could be holding your business back. Give us a call if any of this sounds familiar.

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Our Process

Initial Meeting

We arrange a time to meet to get to know you and your company. You can come to our office in Loanhead, or we can come to you. We'll ask basic questions about your business and where you feel the pain points are.

After our initial meeting, we'll head back to our office and look at all the ways he can help you. While we work out the best way to help you we'll send you a questionnaire about your business where you can give us more in depth information or add on anything you may have forgotten about during the first meeting.

Site Visit

This is where we spend time in your business watching how you, and the company, work. During this visit we'll be able to better understand the challenges you face. Being in your business and seeing what goes on day to day will allow us to provide a number of ideas and solutions which can help you improve your business.

If your company is large or operations intensive, we may need to spend several days with you. We'll always keep you apprised of exactly what we're up to. The more we can measure the internal processes you use, the more we can analyse the time and cost spent on a process, the more we can help.

The big reveal

This is where we get to shine, we'll present you with a report that outlines the opportunities within your business for optimisation and cost savings. We'll outright say how much profit we can create within your business if you follow our suggestions.

Up until this point, we've not charged a single penny, because we've not delivered anything. Due to our completely transparent pricing you'll also see our costs. You'll have two options from this point forward.

Use our playbook (10%)

You'll get the option to take our playbook and run with it yourselves. We will provide you with a report which will outline exactly what strategies are needed to capitalise on the opportunities we've discovered in your business.

The things we may deliver within our report are how to restructure your business, which specific operational systems need to be put into place and what kind of software that you could have developed to save on operational time.

This option is cheaper but you'll have to do all the hard work, or you can hire us to do that for you.

Playbook example
Profit Increase: £25,000
Cost: 10% = £2,500
Delivery: Our playbook

Our playbook gets delivered to you totally free if we cant make your business at least £10,000.

Hire us to deliver (25%)

Some of the options we will suggest will be harnessing the power of technology. Whether thats writing software or installing new hardware, we'll handle all of that for you because thats what our specialty is.

You get the peace of mind that our delivery process is handled by experts and allow you to concentrate on taking your business to the next level.

You get us to do all the hard work for you, this includes developing software, implementing new processes, setting up new suppliers, installing hardware, etc, we'll handle it all.

Delivery example
Profit Increase: £25,000
Cost: 25% = £6,250
Delivery: Our playbook +
Full Execution

Get a discount on our services by referring us to another business.

All of that sounds awesome

We believe if we can truly deliver value and help other businesses, we will also have a successful business.
If you'd be happy to pay us 25% of the value we can provide your business, lets setup a meeting.

Yes, I want a more profitable business