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We've worked with some of the biggest companies in the world and we can take the insights learned at those companies and apply them to yours. Whether that may be simple improvements to operations or improving your IT systems to training your staff on how to make your customers happy. We can help make the day to day running of your company so much simpler.


While Tam has a wealth of IT knowledge, Denny's experience lies in a different field: Customer Service. Having worked in Customer facing environments for over 15 years, Denny knows great customer service. The bulk of his experience comes from working at Scottish Widows where he progressed from Call Consultant to SME for the Protection 4 Life product.

During Denny's time at Scottish Widows he trained and coached over 100 members of staff in both a classroom setting and through direct mentorship. Denny's focus was to aid customer service teams in getting a better understanding the needs of the client.

After 7 years Denny took up a new challenge in leading customer service and business management at Maiden Cleaning. While there, Denny ran the day to day operations, planned out the marketing campaigns and drove the company's customer service forward. He introduced several improvements to the client side of the business, including call scripts and template emails for staff, consistency of requirements gathering and organisational structure to the company.

His job at RedRaptor is to impart his knowledge of customer services for our clients' businesses, improving the image of their brand and helping them grow. His ability to translate technical subjects into plain English is a valuable asset for client relations.

Having worked in both large and small business I understand the challenges that staff and clients often face. It's my goal to help solve these issues which is why I believe in RedRaptor. We can make life so much easier for the business and its staff which will therefore improve the customer experience.

Denny Knox


Managing Director


Business Manager


Tam has a wealth of experience in business having ran several companies and contracted for many others. His main area of expertise is Web Development and automation of business process. From the BBC to Bentley and from HP to the Scottish Government, Tam has applied his knowledge and experience to them all.

Although Tam is well versed in a range of subjects, as all business owners must be, he is best known for his ability to create cloud based systems to assist businesses in operation and efficiency.

In 2013 Tam took on his biggest challenge when he took over Maiden Cleaning Ltd with the goal of optimising it, reducing outgoings and increasing profits. He introduced a range of improvements from simple things such as changing to a cheaper supplier to automating the admin of the company. Out of this experience, a cloud based operations dashboard was developed and will be a future product offering for RedRaptor.

His role in RedRaptor is to steer the ship and offer automation and efficiency solutions to clients, saving their businesses money and increasing their profits.

I founded RedRaptor because the market is rapidly embracing automation and I want to help SME's that might not be aware of how they can benefit from it. Allowing SME's to stay competitive in the market place so that they can increase the profit and longevity of their business in their industries gives me great satisfaction.

Tam Denholm

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