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What Do We Do

RedRaptor helps companies increase profit and productivity
by unlocking the potential of technology.

Running a company is a damn hard undertaking, but its a very rewarding experience when it pays off. When you get stuck into the day to day running of your business you can sometimes wish you had more time to work on growth instead of having to do the paperwork, phone calls, bookkeeping, scheduling etc every day. Wouldn't you like to take your business to the next level?

HP increased their sales leads by 26% in one month

Hewlett Packard, one of the biggest computer companies in the world, sells printers (amongst other things).

Sales teams that visited companies to offer managed print services took a long and inefficient consultation with the client and the strenuous sales process cost them leads and sales. It took over a week to provide a quote to the client.

What we did:
RedRaptor replaced the paper based process with a tablet application that the sales person could punch in numbers while on the client consultation visit. The application had the advantage of providing cost savings analysis instantly, allowing the salesperson to provide a quote while on site.

26% increase in leads generated, 1 week lead time eliminated, more detailed and instant stats for internal sales people to use.

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Maiden Cleaning increased their profit margin by £25,000 a year

A small local cleaning company that was used to using word documents and excel spreadsheets to run the business, got an upgraded administration system.

RedRaptor tracked Maiden Cleaning's man hour spend on repeatable administration tasks like scheduling, timesheets, invoicing, payments, accounting and payroll. We saw that a huge part of the owners time was needlessly spent on tasks that could be automated.

What we did:
We developed an internal management application that allowed the owner to do the arduous tasks in a fraction of the time, we increased the money generated by the company and liberated the owner to concentrate on more profit making activities, like bringing in more clients.

£25,000 a year increase in profits and significant man hours and human error totally eliminated.

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